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  • Spring Budget 2024: Outcomes & Analysis

    Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, rose to the dispatch box yesterday for the most significant Budget speech of his tenure. Expectations were high, albeit that in the days leading up to the speech the Chancellor and PM were keen to downplay the “great election giveaway”.

  • Spring Budget 2024: Initial Reaction

    Steve Wren and Kieron Clement-Smith share their quickfire summary of today’s much anticipated Spring Budget. The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, announced a raft of significant reforms and tax cuts, including the abolishment of the ‘non-dom’ regime, a further 2% national insurance cut and a reduction in the CGT rate for property disposals.

  • Autumn Statement 2023: AVEC update

    While the mention was fleeting in the Chancellor’s address, the final details of the reforms to Creative Industry Tax Reliefs and Audio-Visual Tax Reliefs have now been confirmed. Our Partner, Jai Vora, who specialises in tax reliefs for Film, TV and Video Games shares his thoughts on the amendments.

  • Autumn Statement 2023: Outcomes & Analysis

    Jeremy Hunt delivered his second Autumn Statement this week. With a general election now expected next year and inflation below target, there was hope of a mooted pre-election giveaway following years of austerity and a high tax burden locked in for next year and beyond.

  • The Autumn Statement 2023: our initial reaction

    Steven Wren and Kieron Clement-Smith share their quickfire summary of today’s quieter than anticipated Autumn Statement. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, announced a number of tax reductions with the “largest ever cut” to national insurance taking the headlines.

  • Creative Tax Relief and R&D Reforms

    Tax relief was a major topic of the Chancellor’s Budget this week, with its continued focus on helping the UK’s world-leading creative and technology industries to thrive in what has been a major success story.

  • Spring Budget 2023: Our Reaction

    Our tax team gives their initial reaction to the Spring Budget 2023 which the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, presented to parliament earlier today.