About Richard

I originally joined SRLV as an assistant in 2011, then rejoined in 2023 and am now a manager in the Creative Division.

I provide personal and business tax advice for a varied client portfolio that brings together both up-and-coming and established musicians and songwriters, as well as management companies and independent record labels. I support my clients with accounting and VAT compliance services, and day-to-day business management. I also help them navigate the often complex areas of tour accounting, which can range from liaising with agents and promoters to secure settlement, to forecasting and ensuring business cash flow.

By developing close working relationships and an understanding of their creative mindset, I am able to help clients plan as far ahead as possible. We budget and forecast their monthly expenditure to find a balance with what is available to them at any given time.

I’ve had a varied career that has covered many aspects of the entertainment business, from both the advisor and the client side, including time at a music broadcasting company. This provided a hugely valuable insight into the priorities that drive commercial decision-making and affords me a greater understanding of the challenges and potential queries faced by my clients.

I was lucky to start my career in the music and entertainment team; working in an industry that I love.  Being an admirer of the musicians and creatives I support makes it so much more rewarding.

My time away from the firm also made me fully appreciate the unique way in which you get to know people and clients personally at SRLV – it’s very special.

A varied career has given me a valuable insight into the priorities that drive commercial decision-making, and affords me a greater understanding of the challenges facing my clients.

Richard Burrowes | Manager

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