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Founded on the principles of a family business, people are the beating heart of SRLV. Relationships, whether with our staff, clients, peers or professional network, come first.

When expanding our teams, we look for inherent ability, energy and drive. Intelligent, interested, considered people who want to be seen and respected as individuals, who will collaborate and add another dimension to the high quality service we deliver and the team we are.

We support our people to develop at their own pace, always with an eye on their well-being as well as their progression.

Our Values

Flourish in a culture of…


    We don’t want people to be identical. We recognise and value the traits and strengths that make people unique. They’re encouraged to become the professional they want to be, and we need. We see people as individuals.


    We don’t pigeonhole people. Explore your interests, widen your experience, learn a new industry, switch specialisms. However you’d like to personalise your role, we’ll support you to carve out your niche. We want you to develop, to stay interested; we want you to succeed.


    We don’t expect people to be the same. Our diverse workforce, where over 20 languages are spoken, has a breadth of cultural experience from which we all learn. Unique insights and alternative ways of thinking keep our approach fresh and our minds open.


    We don’t shut our partners away. They have a door-open policy and sit among the teams, accessible and available. We all ask each other for help, no matter what our title or question. These honest conversations and hierarchy-free attitudes mean we learn from and trust in each other.


    We don’t believe one person has all the answers. We’re constantly learning, regardless of our experience – humble enough to ask a question and listen to the answer. We coach people to be confident and bold in their opinions yet modest and considered. This promotes openness and a sense of freedom.


    We don’t want to be one of the Big Four. The calibre of our team and clients is on a par with them but our people aren’t in internal competition. They work both independently and as one team. Founded on the principles of a family business, we rely on and take care of each other. We’re in it together.

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    My role is to empower our people to thrive, both individually and together. We encourage them to become specialists in areas that interest them. We also strive to provide a happy, nurturing environment.

    Nicola O'Shea | HR Director

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    We don’t look at colour, creed or religion. We look at the person. Will you have the passion, love, integrity and care? Will you be part of our working family?

    Zuleikha Cassim | Partner

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    At SRLV I know everyone and there’s a freedom amongst the teams. You can get an answer much more quickly – someone always knows the right solution and partner doors are open to everyone.

    Charles Bradbrook | Partner