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After seeing record breaking revenues year after year, the digital world is evolving rapidly. And it’s not just the video games companies and content creators shaping this future who need to keep up, it’s their advisors too.


With 35 years’ entertainment industry experience, we work with a range of fast-growing digital clients; from social media influencers, YouTubers and content creators, to management agencies, video games development companies and other digital businesses.

Over the years we’ve seen digital evolve and introduce new revenue streams across all of the creative industries. The insights and specialist expertise we have in this area are hugely valuable to our clients. Whether it’s digital music royalties, Video Games Tax Reliefs and the new Video Games Expenditure Credit (VGEC) or expanding YouTube businesses, we’re uniquely placed to help them assess and maximise all the financial opportunities they have available.

Our digital clients are creative, innovative, and endlessly entrepreneurial. Many of them work on multiple projects around the world so their finances can be complicated and require all-round business management support. From advice on digital tax reliefs and raising finance to IP Rights/trademarks transfer considerations, and from bookkeeping and VAT through to withholding tax matters and royalties, we work as part of our clients’ teams and are integral to their day-to-day operations, decision making and strategic direction.

  • £189m

    The total amount of Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) paid out in relation to the financial year 2021-2022

    Source: HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). N.B. an HMRC update for 2022-2023 is due in summer 2024.
  • 86.4%

    The reach of YouTube advertising as a percentage of total internet users in the UK

    Source: Datareportal, February 2023
  • £11.08bn

    Record breaking value of combined digital sales for music, film and video games in the UK in 2022

    Source: Digital Entertainment Retail Association, 2023


It can take time and investment to build digital revenues, as well as manage different income streams around the world. We are always thinking ahead, anticipating and asking questions to flag and solve potential issues on our clients’ behalf; from setting up the right business structures and online payment systems, to cash flow planning around content and production schedules, liaising with different tax territories, and checking digital revenues through our in-house royalties team.

We also have particular expertise in R&D tax reliefs and are widely regarded as a leading industry expert on Creative Industry Tax Reliefs (CITR), including Video Games Tax Reliefs and the new VGEC. Over the years we’ve worked as part of various HM Revenue and Customs committees to help shape government policy in this area; most recently, with the reforms to audio-visual tax reliefs in 2023.

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We offer a highly personalised service which puts our digital clients at the very centre, from business management, R&D and Video Games Tax Reliefs, to niche industry areas and specialist advice.

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