International Tax

From UK businesses relocating overseas and multi-nationals expanding in the UK to non-domiciles and support with UK residency, international tax is a highly complex area, and one we help many clients to navigate.

Astute tax advice for global enterprises

From Sydney, Los Angeles and New York, to Paris, Cape Town and Singapore, we have over 30 years’ experience of managing a wide range of high-level international tax matters for an exclusive portfolio of successful businesses, corporates and private clients in the UK. Additionally, we support a growing number of non-UK tax residents (non-domiciles), multi-national companies and groups, with their UK tax compliance, whilst advising them on a raft of complex issues; from the tax implications of different company structures, wealth, business and property holdings to transfer pricing arrangements, non-UK domicile status, and secondment packages for expatriate employees.

Whether it’s liaising with international revenue and customs offices to withhold tax, structuring worldwide investment portfolios, or advising clients on UK inbound or outbound moves, our multi-disciplined expertise ensures that all aspects of their business and personal financial affairs are fully considered and as tax efficient as possible.

  • 13,729

    The number of overseas companies with a physical presence registered in the UK in March 2023 - Companies register activities: 2021-2022, June 2023
  • 1.7%

    The percentage increase in overseas companies with a physical presence in the UK between March 2022 and March 2023 - Companies register activities: 2021-2022, June 2023
  • 68,800

    The estimated number of individuals claiming non-domicile taxpayer status in the UK on their Self-Assessment tax returns - Statistical Commentary on non-domiciled taxpayers in the UK, July 2023

Areas we cover:

  • International tax and withholding tax mitigation
  • Worldwide business, property, and wealth structuring
  • Multi-nationals and international businesses entering the UK market
  • Creative Industry Tax Relief for overseas production companies in the UK
  • Digital services and their international tax implications
  • UK nationals living overseas and UK residency status
  • Worldwide wealth structuring for non-domiciles and residency status
  • Offshore Trusts and wealth structures
  • High-value UK real estate tax, including ATED, Non-Resident CGT, Stamp Duty, IHT, and Non-Resident Landlord (NRL regime)

Insightful guidance on cross border tax matters & business relocations

'In-house' tax support & compliance management for multi-nationals

With a long-standing portfolio of music, media and entertainment industry clients, we deal with an extensive range of US-related tax work for clients on a daily basis, including withholding tax support for UK touring and production companies. We also have strong expertise in advising UK residents moving to the US and US citizens and their businesses looking to set up in the UK.

Our extensive insights into the often significant financial and personal implications of moving to the US, and other countries, are a valuable source of information to clients considering these international moves. Additionally, we work alongside a trusted network of UK/US immigration lawyers, accountants, wealth managers, and relocation specialists to ensure clients are fully supported with all their decision making and pre-planning, and throughout all stages of their relocation overseas and beyond.

From high profile restaurants to heritage brands, prime property, music and entertainment, we support a substantial number of fast-growing international clients entering the UK market. This includes advice on high level tax matters and business planning, including the tax implications of different business structures, UK acquisitions, real estate investments and raising finance (including tax efficient investments) and Creative Industry Tax Reliefs, to ensure the most effective company set ups.

We provide a full range of tax compliance support for parent companies, multi-nationals, UK subsidiaries and associated non-domicile staff. Whether it’s preparing and submitting corporation tax and VAT returns, Pay As You Earn (PAYE) compliance, or other financial reporting, we ensure clients meet the precise requirements Making Tax Digital filing and reporting, whilst managing all liaison with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on their behalf. We also provide specialist payroll and HR support for companies with expatriate workforces, preparing secondment packages for employees in advance of their arrival to the UK and managing employers’ PAYE compliance, if required.

International Consultancy

Whilst we’re able to advise on cross border issues from a UK tax perspective, clients can access high quality, multi-jurisdictional advice for other countries through our worldwide tax advisory network, Premier International. Established in 1997, we handpick associates with the same ethos of excellence and senior-level expertise and today have 23 trusted and proven partner firms. We collaborate, sharing knowledge and resources internationally to ensure clients have the premium expertise they need.

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Our work is diverse, multi-disciplined and multi-jurisdictional. We provide a very effective accountancy service for our creative, entrepreneurial and owner managed business clients, along with specialist support and advice on a range of complex cross border tax and VAT issues.

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