The UK has long been one of the biggest exporters of music globally, second only to the US. With the recent growth in music revenues and international touring, the future is looking bright, and our clients are busy pursuing new projects and opportunities to share their music around the world.


Since 1988, we’ve worked with a diverse and ever-expanding portfolio of artists, songwriters, producers, managers, recording studios, agencies, festivals and record labels.

We’ve nurtured many of these clients from early start-up businesses and unsigned artists, and over the years as they’ve achieved commercial success and grown internationally. The depth of specialist experience and knowledge we’ve gained since has led us to become widely regarded as one of the top three music and entertainment accountants in the UK.

Above all, we’re interested and listen to our clients. We appreciate the reality of working in the music industry and have honed our services to meet their exact needs; from all-round financial and business management support with bookkeeping, tour accounting, withholding taxes and FEU, to specialist advice covering royalties, business structuring and corporate transactions. We also have particular expertise in advising UK clients who are moving across the Atlantic, as well as US-based clients relocating to the UK.

  • £6.7bn

    The music industry's contribution to the UK economy in 2022

    Source: This is Music 2023
  • £4bn

    The value of the UK music industry’s exports in 2022

    Source: This is Music 2023
  • 51.2%

    The growth in synchronisation income in the UK recorded music sector between 2019 (£28.3m) and 2022 (£42.8m) 2021

    Source: This is Music 2023


Earnings in the music industry can fluctuate over time and we are always thinking ahead to protect our clients’ financial interests. Whether its meticulous cash flow planning around new album releases, worldwide touring and the quieter periods in between, or managing multiple revenue streams through our in-house royalties team, we ensure our music clients receive the full income they’re owed for their work, both now and in the future.

Our music clients are highly creative and entrepreneurial. Many of them generate income from multiple sources, including radio, film, TV, theatre, and digital, and there are always new revenue streams emerging. The crossover that exists here between music and the other creative industries in which we specialise, puts us in a unique position to help artists and businesses explore and capitalise on these opportunities as the industry evolves.

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We offer a highly personalised service which puts our creative artists and music businesses at the very centre, from tour accounting, business management and withholding taxes, to niche industry areas and specialist advice.

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