Luxury Retail

Luxury retailers enjoyed record sales in 2022 and whilst this year won’t see the same growth, with sales of luxury goods forecast to increase 60% by 2030, there are multiple opportunities on the horizon.


As with any retail sector, sales of luxury goods can fluctuate. Whether it’s the impact of seasonal trends, a rival brand, or changing consumer habits, retailers must be both responsive and visionary to protect and grow their market share.

Our clients include high end corporate brands, luxury retailers and prominent fashion designers operating in a fiercely competitive global environment. From entrepreneurial start-ups to established brands with multiple retail outlets, they rely on us for real-time support. We work closely with owners and management teams to understand their long-term aspirations and support them through the various stages of growth.

We have particular experience of setting up and running entire back office functions for the UK operations of foreign retailers, providing everything they need; from bookkeeping, accounting and ecommerce support, to VAT compliance, tax planning and HR advice. We provide whatever is needed, acting as the business’s financial lynchpin.

  • €1.53 Tr

    Total value of the global luxury goods market in 2023

    Source: Citi & Bain, 2023
  • 3.22%

    Annual sales growth forecast for the luxury goods market in 2024

    Source: Statista, Luxury Goods - Worldwide
  • 60%

    Sales growth forecast for the luxury goods market between 2022 - 2030

    Source: Citi & Bain, 2022


Luxury retail differs from regular retailing in many respects; not just exclusivity and price, but store design, merchandising, display and the experience itself; it focuses on long term relationships with customers on a personalised basis, with staff in-store reflecting the luxurious image of the business. Younger generations are entering the market earlier and putting greater emphasis on the need to maintain these customer relationships and brand loyalty. Only when you understand these unique aspects, can you appropriately advise your clients as to the financial impact of creating their culture.

Whilst we ensure that clients’ core financial functions are performing to the highest of standards, we also focus on adding value to help them to realise the full potential of their business. This often involves sourcing other professional advisers from our trusted network, and together we collaborate as part of the management team to streamline day-to-day running and advise on decision making, business strategy and succession planning. Industry insights from our work with a wide range of luxury retail businesses are very valuable here.

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We offer a highly personalised service which puts our luxury retail clients’ needs at the very centre, from accounting, business consulting and tax services, to niche industry areas and specialist advice.

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