Qualified Professionals & skilled support

If you’re looking for a varied, high calibre international client base on a par with the Big Four and the opportunity to carve out your niche as an individual in a dynamic, past-paced yet nurturing, informal environment with other talented professionals, then SRLV could be for you.

Flourish as an individual

From premium restaurants, prime property and international corporates to established names in worldwide music and entertainment, our clients are diverse, exciting and rewarding to work for. To advise these clients, we look for people with an inherent ability, energy and drive; intelligent, interested professionals who’ll integrate with our multi-disciplined team, build long-standing relationships of trust and deliver excellence at the highest level.

Our partners aren’t possessive of clients – this is where our approach and family ethos differs from other firms. We work closely and collaboratively, sharing and swapping people between teams depending on the expertise needed by a particular client.

This keeps your working life varied and interesting. We give people the freedom to carve out their niche, experience different industries and become the “go-to specialist”. Above all, we truly see and value each individual – people flourish in this culture. They find their home.

Career progression framework

From exam support, fully-funded annual CPD and tailored training courses to management development and mentoring programmes, we invest heavily and consistently in training to build and strengthen our people’s core knowledge and skills. Combined with this on-going training and encouragement to find their niche, progression is based on merit.

Partner Director Senior Manager Manager Assistant Manager Senior Semi Senior Assistant

We consider five key competency categories within the framework to assess an individual’s readiness for promotion.

  • Delivering technical excellence
  • Building client relationships
  • Working together for success
  • Communicating effectively
  • Managing and delivering results
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    It's really friendly here - a smaller firm, 'can do' mentality but in a medium sized firm with all the attendant resources and reach. It's like a family, and it's collaborative & sociable. You join in with what you want to and if you can't find what you're looking for, they're always keen to help you make things happen.

    Elie Pippard-Kemp | Senior Manager

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    I have a really strong working relationship with the people and my team at SRLV. It’s where I started my career and where all my opportunities have come from.

    Richard Burrowes | Manager

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    I started as a manager and after six years, I’m now a director. I’ve grown at SRLV and found ‘my home’ in a professional sense. You can build your career here and get the knowledge and support you need.

    Emily Au | Director