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From credit control and royalties to withholding tax for touring companies and artists working overseas, there’s a myriad of administration, tax compliance and all-round financial support that we manage day to day for busy music and entertainment professionals.

Astute financial management for creative artists

With decades of business management experience across the music and entertainment industry, we support a talented roster of new and established artists and creative industry professionals, many of whom have extensive, often global, business, property and investment interests.

Whether we’re working for well-known music artists, songwriters, actors or presenters, we shape our service to meet each clients’ precise needs, often acting as their financial controller to oversee their day-to-day personal and business affairs.  From big picture life planning down to the smallest bookkeeping details, we ensure every aspect of a client’s financial affairs is carefully considered and managed as effectively as possible, whilst working to protect and enhance their wealth.

We have extensive expertise in the complex financial issues that can arise for successful artists as their careers develop, as well as understanding their need for the utmost discretion.  Our clients know they can trust us implicitly.  Alongside their manager and lawyer, we become integral to their advisory teams and long-term trusted confidants for clients to contact whenever they need to for financial or personal matters.

  • 3rd

    The UK was the third largest music market in 2022

    IFPI Global Music Report 2023
  • 51.2%

    The year-on-year increase in synchronisation income for music (covering film and TV production) in the UK between 2019 and 2022

    This is Music 2023
  • 66.4%

    The year-on-year increase in Public Performance income for music in the UK in 2022

    This is Music 2023

Areas we cover:

  • Bookkeeping, credit control and cash flow management
  • Management accounts and financial forecasting
  • Specialist tax and VAT consultancy (including withholding tax)
  • Royalty accounting and audits (including digital income streams)
  • Statutory reporting and HMRC compliance management
  • Worldwide business, property, and wealth structuring
  • UK nationals relocating overseas and UK residency status
  • High-value real estate and investment portfolio tax advice
  • International tax consultancy

An integral part of our clients' inner sanctum teams

Nurturing clients' trust and advisor relationships

Our work is incredibly diverse, covering anything from raising invoices and payments, tax and VAT returns, to tour accounting, international transactions and business structuring.  We have extensive expertise in cross border tax issues globally and UK-US issues in particular, including withholding tax support for UK touring and production companies in the US, and specialist support for UK residents moving to the US as well as US citizens and businesses looking to set up in the UK.

Our extensive insights into the often significant financial and personal implications of moving to the US and overseas, are a valuable source of information for clients considering these international moves. Additionally, we work alongside a trusted network of UK/US immigration lawyers, accountants, wealth managers, and relocation specialists to ensure clients are fully supported with all their decision making and pre-planning throughout all stages of their relocation overseas and beyond.

Whether they are touring internationally, renegotiating their publishing and recording contracts, purchasing assets, or growing their brands internationally, a vital part of our work is nurturing our clients’ trust as well as relationships with their key advisors. This allows us to provide them with the right support, bridging the knowledge gaps between managers and lawyers to fully inform clients in their financial decision-making.

We’ve supported many of our clients from early in their careers or as start-up businesses, and through each stage of their development over the years, watching them flourish as they’ve achieved commercial success.  We genuinely care that they reach their goals and are always considering the individual challenges they may be facing or the potential opportunities ahead.  Regardless of whether it’s bookkeeping, core compliance work, or high-level tax advice, the pragmatism, commercial knowledge and technical excellence we bring inspires confidence, freeing up our clients’ time to focus on other areas.

A deeper engagement with clients' financial affairs

Many of our clients have extensive business interests.  So, whether it’s their own touring company, family businesses or trusts, our multi-disciplined expertise enables us to consider every aspect of their personal and business tax affairs.  Viewing their situation in the round is key to delivering the most tax effective advice and, as there is one lead advisor covering all their financial interests, clients don’t need to consult a multitude of other tax specialists.  Where possible, we also work closely with their financial advisors to ensure they receive integrated wealth, financial and tax advice.

Clients benefit from our deep understanding of their financial affairs, which allows us to think more widely about the advice we give.  Our substantial expertise in complex tax matters that are particularly relevant to ultra-high net worth individuals and their families is extremely beneficial to clients; from wealth preservation, family succession planning, royalties and catalogue valuations to high-value real estate structuring and disposals, and international relocations.

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Our work is diverse, multi-disciplined and multi-jurisdictional. We provide a very effective accountancy service for our creative, entrepreneurial and owner managed business clients, along with specialist support and advice on a range of complex cross border tax and VAT issues.

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