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With 18% of international Arts sales generated in the UK, the industry is second only to the US in terms of its market share. Added to this, growing visitor numbers and attractive cultural tax reliefs, are creating some lucrative opportunities for our Art & galleries clients.


We’ve been working in the creative worlds of the arts and entertainment for over 35 years and have a growing portfolio of new and established artists, photographers, digital art businesses, and independent galleries. The depth of specialist experience and knowledge we’ve gained has led us to be recognised as one of the top three advisors for the creative sector in the UK, as well as a leading authority on Creative Industry Tax Reliefs (CITR).

The Art market is global. Many of our clients deal with artists, agents and buyers across multiple countries so they require specialist advice on international tax, as well as all-round business management support. From bookkeeping and exhibition accounting, VAT and withholding tax compliance, to PAYE, FEU advice and Museums and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief (MGETR), we work as part of our clients’ management teams, integral to their day-to-day operations, decision making and strategic direction.

  • 2nd

    The UK's global ranking in terms of its worldwide art sales which totalled £9.6bn in 2022

    Source: The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, 2023
  • 45% & 50%

    Museums and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief (MGETR) headline rates for qualifying non-touring and touring exhibitions in the UK until April 2025 (the permanent headline rates will be 40% and 45% from 1 April 2025)

    Source: Spring Budget 2024
  • £9m

    The total amount of Museums & Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief (MGETR) paid out in relation to the 2021-2022 financial year

    Source: HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). N.B. an HMRC update for 2022-2023 is due in summer 2024.


Our work is often varied, highly technical and strategic. A client can have several projects running concurrently and we are frequently involved with each one from the start. Whether it’s choosing the best business structures, investing in premises, or raising finance, our industry experience, knowledge and network of trusted professional contacts are hugely beneficial to our clients’ decision-making. We shape our support around their needs, advising them on business operations and high-level financial issues, acting as a CFO, as and when required. By managing the financial details and planning for them, we free up our clients to focus on developing their businesses.

We have particular expertise in Creative Industry Tax Reliefs (CITR), including Museums & Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief (MGETR), and have been advising clients since the reliefs were first introduced. Over the years, we’ve helped to shape government policy in this highly specialist area and are widely regarded as leading experts.

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We offer a highly personalised service which puts our clients’ needs at the very centre, from exhibition accounting, business management and withholding taxes, to niche industry areas and specialist advice.

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