Creative Division

Over the last 35 years we’ve grown to be recognised as one of the leading advisors for the creative industries in the UK. We work with an extensive portfolio of high-profile creatives and businesses worldwide; from music, entertainment, film, TV and theatre, to fashion, digital, marketing and sports.

Empowering ambitious creative businesses

We appreciate the exacting needs of those working in the fast-paced creative industries. Whether they are music artists, actors, Youtubers, managers, record labels or production companies, our clients are busy people who are often juggling multiple projects.

Many of them have varied and complex interests across the UK, US and internationally so they rely on us for all-round accounting and business management support, together with specialist advice covering withholding taxes, royalties, Creative Industry  Tax Reliefs, and corporate transactions, to name a few. However we are helping, we work as part of their ‘inner sanctum’ teams; trusted and integral to their day-to-day operations, decision-making and strategic direction.

We forge relationships of trust that last for years. We meet, you talk. We listen, we ask. We think and then we act.

It’s about working to our clients’ needs, getting involved and advising, and being a financial controller if they need us to be.

Stephen Cornford | Partner | Creative Division

Lobbying and Influencing

We are highly regarded as leading experts on Creative Industry Tax Reliefs (CITR) and have influenced government policy changes in this highly specialist area; most recently with the reforms to audio-visual tax relief and the introduction of the Independent Film Tax Credit (IFTC). As well as early-stage appraisals for CITR claims and advice on setting up productions in the UK, we manage all stages of our clients’ CITR claims with HMRC, ensuring they fulfill all the relevant criteria and have obtained the required British Film Institute (BFI) certification.  We also advise production investment companies on their UK set-ups and provide CITR assessments for financiers and industry bank panels.

Related Industries

Extensive, diverse practical experience of managing complex issues in a number of creative industries enables us to provide astute commercial insight and exceptional efficiency, as well as sector benchmarking.

Long-term working partnerships

The size of SRLV keeps client service partner-led and personalised. We shape the strongest team with the right match of industry knowledge, technical expertise and personalities for your particular needs and challenges.

This team becomes integral to the day to day running, decision-making and strategic direction of your business. This is how we forge a long-term relationship of total trust.

Get in touch

Whether you have a particular financial issue to discuss, would like more information about our services or are interested in joining our team, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.