Emily Au


Accounting & Finance I University of Glamorgan

ACCA | Qualified


2017 | Manager

Job Offer

2019 | Senior Manager

Start date

2023 | Director

ACA Qualified

My Story

What experience did you have before joining SRLV?

I’d worked for a variety of different firms, including general practice and boutique firms of music & entertainment accountants, before moving to the global business services division at Blick Rothenberg.

What were your career aspirations?

Before joining SRLV and returning to the music & entertainment sector, I realised being a corporate advisor wasn’t for me; I missed the close involvement you have working with clients and their teams within the creative industry. I was looking to join a firm that sat somewhere in between a music boutique and the corporate firm I was with.

What were your initial impressions of SRLV?

I had a good vibe about SRLV and got on very well with the two senior women from the music team who interviewed me. I could see how collaborative and genuinely supportive they were of each another. At the time, I remember thinking that I wanted to work with them and build my career here.

What do you like most about the client work at SRLV?

I love the variety of dealing with all aspects of business management and the diversity of the clients I work with, from music artists and individuals with their own fashion brands, to actors, TV and film production companies, sports professionals, and premium restaurants. As well as being given my own clients to work with, I’ve also been supported by the partners to build my own portfolio.

I started as a manager and after six years, I’m now a director. I feel that I’ve grown at SRLV and found ‘my home’ in a professional sense. You can build your career here and get the knowledge and support you need.

Emily Au | Director

My Development

What help is there to progress your career at SRLV?

It’s natural to aspire to be ‘the next person up’, so alongside working closely with the partners in your team for development on both technical and soft skills for our roles, we have a mentoring programme for senior managers and directors. This allows you to choose a partner (mentor) to look at your career path and guide you through progressing to the next level. It is important to note that this is not restricted to career progression; the mentor is also there to provide support and guidance on a personal level.

How does the mentoring programme work?

There’s lots of talent within the business and partners with different soft and technical skills. We’re encouraged to pick someone we don’t work with day-to-day to learn something new. Partners in other teams don’t necessarily know about what you do on a daily basis or your capability, so this makes their advice objective and it’s also a chance for them to learn about you.

Have you benefitted from this and if so, how?

I’ve had some very valuable advice. It’s interesting working with partners in other teams and gives you a fresh pair of eyes; you get to see things that you may not have done before. You also learn a lot more about the partners. They’re interested in how you’re doing and whether you’re happy. You can trust them to support you; it makes you feel looked after.

Is there any other formal training and development besides CPD?

Recently, I attended three management and leadership development days, which some of the partners also came to. This was about encouraging us to grow as individuals, developing soft skills and enhancing our self-awareness as managers and leaders. The partners also led a session to give us a more strategic view of the business and encourage us to think about the bigger picture.

It was an interesting course and gave me a different perspective. I also got to know my peers better, especially those I didn’t work with directly. It’s a bonding experience and better relationships always flow from that. It also feels as though SRLV is interested in your future; you feel valued.

My life at SRLV now

How has your career progressed since joining SRLV?

I started as a manager and after six years, I’m now a director. I feel that I’ve grown at SRLV and found ‘my home’ in a professional sense. You can build your career here and get the knowledge and support you need. If you need help, there’s always someone more senior there to guide you. We work closely as a team and everyone progresses, whatever stage they are in their careers.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I look after my own portfolio and manage the team’s day-to-day work and development, as well as seeing clients, going out to new business pitches, and networking. No two days are the same so I’m constantly learning, which has been great for career progression, and I thrive on the variety.

What’s the workload like?

There are times when I do need to stay late, but you’re not forced to. Everyone manages their own work and your manager or partners will always be there to listen and support you.

Our focus is always on people’s wellbeing. We ensure our team’s work is balanced and constantly assess everyone’s workload and look at whether we have sufficient resources.

Where would you like to take your career next?

I’m passionate about sport, which is one of our specialist industries. It’s an area I’ve always wanted to move in to and SRLV is supporting me to do this. As part of this, I’m working closely with our partners in sport to develop my industry network and branch out in this field.

What do you like most about working with SRLV?

SRLV has a very nurturing, family feel. From the partners and managers, through to my team, we are as supportive of one another as we are of the clients we work for.

There is a warmth about the firm; they are accountants with personality. I’m still working with the partners who first recruited me and they’re just as friendly and supportive now as they were at the start.

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    SRLV is one of the UK’s top three accountancy firms for the music & entertainment industry

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    The number of years it took Emily to be promoted from manager to director

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