Richard Burrowes


AAT | Accounting & Finance

2011 | Admin Clerk


2012 | Junior

Job Offer

2015 | Senior

Start date

2024 | Manager

ACA Qualified

My Story

How did you join SRLV?

I came to SRLV straight from college on a temporary six-month contract but was offered a permanent contract after three months. Although the AAT qualification was my ‘foot in the door’, at 21 I was still quite young and needed some experience to help me decide what I wanted to do as a career.

What did you like most about the work?

I was lucky to start in the music & entertainment team, working in an industry that I love. It wasn’t a typical business finance job; I knew of the music artists and celebrities I was working with, which made it interesting, and I’ve stayed in the industry ever since.

What motivated you and what was your early career path like?

In my first year, I found an error in one of the client accounts which hadn’t been spotted by the graduates I was working with. It proved to me and my managers that I was capable in the job, despite being more junior.

It was an important moment and the springboard I needed to take accountancy as a career seriously. After that, accountancy became a job that I started to see myself in; I was motivated to push harder and develop in the role.

The confidence I’d shown in coming forward to the managers helped to build trust and confidence with my team. As a result, I was given more responsibility and promoted to Junior. After four years, I’d been promoted to a Semi-Senior.

I have always got along with the teams I’ve worked in, but the best relationships I’ve had are with the people at SRLV.  It’s where I started my career and where all my opportunities have come from.

Richard Burrowes | Manager

My time outside SRLV

Why did you leave SRLV?

I’d always wanted to study tailoring and felt like it was time for a change. I left SRLV to start a part-time tailoring course and got a job in royalties with another firm, working two days a week while I was studying.

What experience did you gain?

I was working in royalty accounting, producing reports, so I got to see another aspect of the business, which was useful experience. The work was also easier to fit around my course day-to-day. Business management and tour accounting can be very busy and the work comes thick and fast!

Although I decided not to pursue tailoring as a career, it was rewarding to do something creative and to achieve the dream of training; it’s still something I enjoy doing in my spare time.

After SRLV, how easy was it to get work?

A lot of work in the music & entertainment industry focuses on building relationships and the networks you create help your career too. After finishing my tailoring course, I was offered a job by an FD in the finance department of a music broadcasting company.

By working in industry, I got to understand a completely different side of the business, what it’s like to be within an organisation and the priorities that drive decisions. I did miss the variety that comes with consultancy though, when you’re working for multiple different clients.

My life at SRLV now

Why did you come back to SRLV?

I have always got on with the teams that I’ve worked in, but the best relationships I’ve had are with the people at SRLV. It’s where I started my career and where all my opportunities have come from. During the time I was away, I’d always kept in touch with my old team and met up regularly for drinks.

I was persuaded to come back to SRLV by one of the managers I’d worked with. Since I’d left, he’d built his own team and been promoted to partner. We’d always had a great relationship. He’d really helped me to push my career forward and get over the ‘hump’ of whether I really wanted to become an accountant or not, so rejoining made sense at this point in my career.

How does it feel being back at SRLV?

It may sound cliché, but it has felt like coming home and I have recently been promoted to Manager. After six years away, most of my team, including the juniors I worked alongside, are still here because they’re happy.

A lot has happened over that time, but I still feel as connected with everyone as I did when I first started; the way you get to know people personally here is quite special and that’s something you can only fully appreciate when you’ve worked elsewhere.

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