About Adam

I’m a Director in the Creative division and joined SRLV in 2006 as part of the GRF London/SRLV merger, having previously worked for Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman’s London offices. My wide-ranging client portfolio covers music and entertainment, film and TV, live events and festivals, as well as the digital and content industry, including two of the biggest UK YouTube/creator talents.

With such fast-paced industries, it’s vital that my team and I are immersed in every aspect of our clients’ businesses, from management and operations to corporate tax, royalties to Private client tax. Tour accounting and international tax can be particularly challenging areas, requiring in-depth knowledge. Having built a wealth of experience and expertise, I can break down what are often complex matters, clearly and quickly.

It can take time and investment to build digital revenues, as well as manage different income streams around the world. We’re always thinking ahead to anticipate and ask questions to flag and solve potential issues on our clients’ behalf. We often work with them from the beginning of their careers, so business consultation develops organically throughout our relationship. We’re continually looking for ways to optimise opportunities and it’s a dynamic partnership which means that we become an internal resource for our clients’ teams, as we’re always on hand to answer queries or pre-empt any upcoming issues.

Whether it’s showcases, headline tours or open-air festivals, I’m there on the front row singing my heart out. I love cinema and TV, and gaming (board and console), so it’s hugely satisfying to work within the creative industries and support talented people to really maximise their success.

At SRLV, we often work with clients from the beginning of their careers, so business consultation develops organically throughout our relationship - we're continually looking for ways to optimise opportunities.

Adam Stanley | Director

My Desert Island Picks

  • Album

    Brand New Eyes - Paramore but nods to Puzzle - Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood (Self-Titled), Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

  • Book

    Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Luxury Item

    A snowboard